Rocky Mountain Insight Retreats

Setting aside designated days or weeks to sit, to be in the moment, to become aware of mind states in order to cultivate both tranquility and concentration is a significant way to deepen meditation and understanding of the teaching of the Buddha. 

Meditation retreats for RMI generally offer alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation.  Retreat leaders also offer ample Dharma and meditation instruction during the retreat.  On longer retreats, students have an opportunity to meet individually with the teacher for guidance.  The bulk of most of the retreats are spent in Noble Silence to reduce distraction and to allow for space and quiet so the mind can settle and concentration can deepen. 

RMI offers half-day, full-day, week-end, five-day, and, occasionally, 10-day retreats. 

Half and full-day retreats are great for newer students to develop their ‘meditation muscle,’ so to speak.  They are also valuable for intermediate and seasoned practitioners to renew and deepen the practice in the midst of busy lives. 

Longer retreats give the space and silence needed to develop higher states of concentration and to allow for greater insights to develop. 

Longer retreats are held at retreat centers.  The basic cost includes room and board for the days of the retreat.  Those monies go to the retreat site.  Participants on the retreat also give Dana for the support of the teacher and the retreat manager who work tirelessly to provide a comfortable and safe container and instruction for the students.  Dana is financial support within the person’s financial capacity.  For more information on Dana, click here

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