Class Schedule

RMI teachers offer a variety of courses to aid students in understanding the Dhamma and apply the teachings to their lives. See the Curriculum page for a listing of possible offerings. Check back here and sign up for the RMI Newsletter for announcements of new classes.

Upcoming classes

In Person & Zoom Introduction to Meditation Class

Designed for beginners, this class offers detailed instruction about how to meditate going beyond mindfulness apps and YouTube. This is a great way to start a meditation practice and to meditate with other people. The class is led by Matt Hane, RMI Dharma Teacher, who has meditated since 2008. The two-part class will be held on Monday, January 10th and 17th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm at Rocky Mountain Insight and on Zoom.  The in-person class is limited to twelve, fully vaccinated people. The Zoom link is limited to 20 people. The suggested donation is $10-15 and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Contact Matt Hane @ [email protected] to sign up.

Discovering the Truths Revealed Through the Five Aggregates

In this class you will learn about each of the five aggregates individually and how they relate to each other to create the illusion of a solid, separate experience of life. This in and of itself reduces feelings of isolation, alienation, and loneliness. While this is not the primary purpose in exploring the five aggregates, it is a wonderful side effect!
Meditations specifically designed to plumb the depth of the aggregates are centerpieces of this class.
We will also explore how working with the Five Aggregates promotes having a direct lived experience of the Three Marks of Conditioned Existence: Dukkha, Anicca and Anatta. This is a core purpose of the class. Direct experience of any one of the three marks propels us in the direction of liberation. Understanding dukkha means realizing
the inability of material life to provide consistent satisfaction. An embodied experience of anicca leads to freedom from clinging and creates a positive paradigm shift in our ability to relate in the world. Comprehending anatta, the truth of no solid, separate self, leads to liberation itself and provides immense relief from the suffering we so habitually cause ourselves.