Outreach Activities

The Sangha Award

On Sunday, December 15th 2013, Morgan Smith was awarded the Boy Scout Sangha award, which is the religious award for the Buddhist faith.

To achieve the Sangha award, he had to demonstrate to Dr. Lucinda Green, the Spiritual Director for RMI, his knowledge of the Dharma. He wrote an extensive paper on the differences between the three main schools of Buddhism (Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana) and gave talks on the importance of the Dharma. He also led an Eightfold Path Study Group, an intensive course that investigated all the different factors in the path to enlightenment.

Morgan also had to demonstrate his willingness to help the Sangha. He and three other RMI members (Sally Farell, Jeffrey Snowden, and Michaela Smith) started Rocky Mountain Insight’s Facebook page (view it by clicking here). After establishing our presence on Facebook, Morgan re-designed our logo and worked on our website.
It took a total of one year and seven months to achieve the Sangha award. It typically takes two years to achieve the highest award that is bestowed upon a Buddhist scout.

Pictured above, Morgan is with his parents – Robert and Nicole – and Dr. Lucinda Green.
Morgan is also an Eagle Scout and will continue his contributions to Rocky Mountain Insight.

Service Project Success!

11 volunteers from RMI and Springs Mountain Sangha braved the fog and snow to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in the Woodmen Vistas housing development on Saturday, March 22nd. The crew primed and painted the house being built for the Kleine family who also helped us work during the day. The Kleine family is currently living in a home that suffers from flooding and mold problems and is very excited to move into their new home with their 4 kids.

Volunteers: Claudia Margiotta, David Toledo, Patricia Byrne, Jason Doedderlein, Michelle Parvinrough, David Reinberger, Jerry Shifirin, Elizabeth Cramer, Nicole Lightle, Nicholas Meister, and David Lease

From left to right (David Lease, Nicholas Meister, David Reinberger, Nicole Lightle, and David Toledo)