Ready for extended Noble Silence to help you calm and steady your mind?

Is it time to Interact with teachers to give direction and clarify questions?

This silent retreat is for individuals who want to deepen and strengthen their meditation practice, their understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, and live the Dharma more fully in their daily lives.

The format follows a fairly standard schedule of periods of meditation, walking, morning instruction in practices of concentration and insight, individual interviews, evening Dharma talks, and closing out the day with loving-kindness meditation.

It is beneficial for attendees to have attended other silent retreats and have experience in sitting for multiple meditation periods through out the day and evening.

Visit our RMI Teachers page for teacher background and bios

I teach one thing and one thing only: suffering and the end of suffering

~The Buddha

We welcome you with open arms and an open heart to deepen your practice, expand your insight, rest and rejuvenate in a beautiful environment and participate in this joyful sharing of the Dharma!