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Common Questions & FAQ

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness: translated from the Pali word sati; defined as moment to moment non-judgmental, non-interfering awareness; it is the 7th link of the Noble Eight Fold Path; the first of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment; for a full discourse, reference the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, also known as the Satipatthana Sutta.
Can I believe in God(s) and still have a Buddhist practice?
Yes. Prominent Christians, like Thomas Merton, and prominent Jews, like Sylvia Boorstein, have greatly enriched their traditional religious practices with Buddhist insights. Many Buddhist practices have no elements of theology or worship, so they have no more essential conflicts with religious practice than, say, art or science. Buddhism has traditionally been agnostic about the experience of God — the Buddha did not experience God, so he did not talk about it.
Do I have to attend an RMI sit?
No, but we highly suggest it! A meditation hosted at Rocky Mountain Insight is always led by one of five Dharma Teachers and you get to meditate with like-minded people.