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Ana Pana Sati and Arising and Ceasing

Instruction in Anapana is given and various practices are mentioned. How to work with vedana, (initial sense impression) and the six sense gates, as well as the insight practice of arising and ceasing is covered in this talk.

This talk is part of a series compiled on the CD: The Art and Skill of Meditation. Talks listed here include The Skill of Meditation, Anapana Sati and Arising and Ceasing, Working with our Conditioning and Working With our Conditioning: A guided meditation.


Attachment and Surrender

What truly satisfies us? This talk provides a contemplative framework for naming and examining categories of desire and offers ways and means to step off the endless train of desire.

Clinging to Nothing (Anatta)

Live talk given at retreat held in Crestone, CO. The Buddha taught that “Nothing whatsoever should be clung to as I or mine.” The topic of Anatta is investigated as well as Sunnata as spoken of by Buddhadasa in his book “Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree.” The talk includes a guided practice working with attraction and aversion.

Compassion and Emptiness

Live talk given at retreat held in Crestone, CO. Compassion. What is it? What gets in the way of it? How do we work through our obstacles to compassion? When free from obstacles to compassion, what arises in its place? This talk ends with a guided meditation working with aversion, providing a means to dissolve it directly, and finally infusing compassion into emptiness.

Compassion: A Tender Heart

Dr. Lucinda Green gives a Dharma talk on compassion

Deconstructing Your Conditioning

This is a guided meditation. You are guided through a specific contemplative process in which you identify and deconstruct chosen dukkha causing habit patterns of mind.


What types of craving do we encounter? Guidelines are given for overcoming desire and actively working to diminish Dukkha.

Dissolving Duality

Sustained long term meditation practice leading to direct experiences of duality dissolving, is the topic of this talk. This life koan is addressed: “How does one, as a sensitive human being, live in a world filled with harshness?” Through personal narrative, Dr. Lucinda Green shares turning points in her practice yielding the ability to live and be in the world based in awareness of the unconditioned.

Drop the Wanting

What is the cause of unhappiness, pain, continuous dissatisfaction and the never ending search for happiness that propels us forward in life? How can we drop the wanting that is the cause of our perpetual unhappiness? Three types of craving are explored as well as taking an inventory of our desires.

Dukkha Free Moments: The Power of Mindfulness

Embodying Enlightenment

This talk was given at a conference on Women in American Buddhism in Denver, CO in 2008. Enlightenment is defined and the relationship of the body to enlightenment is addressed exploring the question: What does it mean to embody enlightenment?


Is there ever a situation in which we do not need equanimity? How can we cultivate equanimity? What are the ways in which we relinquish our equanimity? The talk explores how Vipassana meditation practice leads to the arising of equanimity.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha. Chanted by Lucinda Green. This chant speaks of going to enlightenment, going beyond the awareness of duality into enlightened consciousness. Gate: Go, going, gone. Paragate: Gone Beyond. Parasamgate: Gone far beyond. To Bodhi: Enlightened Consciousness. Savha: Hooray!

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Speaker: Dr. Lucinda Green

Songs of the Therigatha: Enlightenment Poetry of Buddha’s First Women

The Four Noble Truths

A talk by Dr. Lucinda Green on the fundamental teaching of the Dhamma: The Four Noble Truths