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A Fire Outside Your House

Everyday is like having a fire right outside your house.

Will you come home to life as usual?

Or will you return to find everything in ashes?

Each moment is like this.

What will the next moment bring?

Pleasure or pain?

I love this moment, can I keep it?


I hate this moment! It hurts!

Also gone.

What next?

Not knowing: So terrifying!

Rising and falling.

Coming and going.

Moment by moment.

Life burns away.

Like the flame of a candle.

Not the same for even an instant.

Can I make friends with pain?

Can I learn to let my pleasures go?

What happens beyond hope and fear?

Relax into the struggle.

Release into the flow of the river.

Pleasure arises.

No problem.

Pain arises.

No problem.

What next?

Not knowing: No problem.

Like appearances in a dream

It is naturally settled.


By Ben Mikolaj

Written after being evacuated due to the Waldo Canyon Fires in June 2012.






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