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February Sangha Schedule

Pat Komorow 2015

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha! Our beloved Pat was released from her body 20 Nov 2015.

Pat’s memorial service has been scheduled for Saturday, 21 May 2016. It will held at Benet Hill Monastery at 2:30PM. Directions:


Wednesday Sangha Sittings – 6:00PM (Orientation for first time meditators at 5:15PM)
Feb 10: Lucinda Green, Founder and Spiritual Director of Rocky Mountain Insight – Live from Florida via video feed!
Feb 17: Vic Bradford, Dharma Teacher
Fb 24: Matt Hane, Meditation Instructor – Taking of The Five Precepts and The Three Refuges

Sunday sits at 9:00AM, Monday sits at 6:00PM

DHARMA KIDS – Sunday February 6 – 8:00-8:45AM
Dharma Kids is our program for children ages 4-12 and is held the first Sunday morning of the month. We use stories, crafts and child-friendly meditation techniques to teach the basics of the Dharma. Lessons in mindfulness and compassion are related to the kids’ everyday experiences of anxiety, boredom, anger and sadness to help them become happier, calmer and more understanding.

Sunday Metta Offering is on Hiatus January through March

Stay tuned for details on new plans for regular Metta offerings starting in April 2016. We are continuing our tradition of offerign a guided Metta Meditation the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm.

Introduction To Meditation Class

Hosted by David Reinberger, Meditation Instructor, Feb 9 and 16, 2016

Intro to Meditation 201602


Registration Now Open: April 29 – May 1, 2016 for the RMI Spring Meditation Retreat2016SpringretreatFlyer

Hold Another Date: June 8-15, 2016 for a 7-day Jhana Retreat at Benet Hill in Colorado Springs

Noble Friends: We are in the early stages of planning a Jhana retreat at Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs from June 8th – June 15th 2016. If you are interested in the Jhana retreat please save the dates for next June and stay tuned for further details.


In Loving Memory of Ruth Denison

Ruth Denison is a root teacher of our Founder and Spiritual Director, Dr. Lucinda Green.

Spirit Rock recently held a memorial for Ruth Dennison. Various videos can be found at:

A series of videos from Ruth’s memorial service at Dhamma Dena is available at

This video was made by Ann Hershey in 1995. It shows Ruth teaching and speaking about her teaching and how she came to her particular approach.

​This video from Ruth’s memorial service includes a powerful letter from Ruth which ends up being a discourse. This is followed by Dr. Lucinda Green leading the circumambulation around the open coffin.

This video includes Lucinda’s eulogy.

Here is a talk from Robert Beatty on Honoring Ruth Denison

“The Silent Dance of Life” is the first feature length documentary on Ruth Denison and her meditation center “Dhamma Dena” in the Mojave Desert of California. Now aged ninety-two Ruth is a pioneer of Buddhism in the West and a groundbreaker for women everywhere. RUTH-DENISON.COM
See the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo

“The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison” is available for download below.

Ruth’s Enduring Legacy Fund supports her continuing work. We are excited about the opportunities to continue to grow Dharma practice by continuing to offer teachings and retreats at Dhamma Dena, which was Ruth’s great wish.
Donate here


The Book Of Ruth

We have lost our Dear Ruth, but her wise and witty words live on. Now available here for download, a pdf version of “The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison” (19MB, may take a minute to open):

The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison


Ruth Denison is one of RMI Founder Lucinda Green’s root teachers. For those who are unfamiliar with Ruth’s teaching, it is probably best understood as a combination of U Ba Khin’s vipassana meditation technique, her teacher Charlotte Selver’s sensory awareness techniques, Theraveda Buddhist doctrine, and Ruth’s own studies, discoveries and innovations. In addition, through the decades, Ruth has constantly refined her teaching, routinely emphasizing one aspect or another of the technique to suit what she understands to be a student’s needs in that moment, in that place.

Collected with devotion by Jain
Edited by Lucinda “Treelight” Green, Ph.D.
Original publication: 2005, Rocky Mountain Insight
Prepared for digital distribution by Jay Babcock, Joshua Tree, 2015





Upcoming Classes

Introduction to Meditation: Mindfulness of the Breath (Anapanasati)

Matt Hane, Meditation Instructor

1/12/16 - 1/19/16

Tuesdays | 6:00pm

Cost: Donation is requested—$10-$15

Registration Deadline:

Registration: To pre-register, contact Matt at (If not pre-registered, please come 10 minutes early to the first class.)

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Introduction to Meditation: Mindfulness of the Breath (Anapanasati)

David Reinberger, Meditation Instructor

2/9/16 - 2/16/16

Tuesdays | 6:00 PM

Cost: Donation is requested—$10-$15

Registration Deadline:

Registration: To pre-register, contact David at (If not pre-registered, please come 15 minutes early to the first class.)

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