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April-May Sangha Schedule


Wednesday Sangha Sittings – 6:00PM (Orientation for first time meditators at 5:15PM)

April 29: Sarah Bender, Guest Speaker and Dharma Teacher for Springs Mountain Sangha – Discovering The Power of The Vow
May 6: Lucinda Green, Spiritual Director and Founder – Wesak: Buddha’s Birthday Celebration
May 13: Michele Sneath, Dharma Teacher – “The Zipper”, a Contemplation of mentally taking body parts out of our form through them back. We ask the question “Am I my body?”
May 20: Patricia Komarow. Dharma Teacher – The Five Hindrances—Contemplation on one or more of these five: Sensual desire, Ill-will, Sloth or Torpor, Restlessness and Worry, and Skeptical Doubt
May 27: Patricia Komarow, Dharma Techer – The Role of Faith in Buddhism: Contemplation on Trusting Your Experience

Sunday sits at 9:00AM, Monday sits at 6:00PM

DHARMA KIDS – Sunday April 5 – 8:00-8:45AM
Dharma Kids is our program for children ages 4-12. We use stories, crafts and child-friendly meditation techniques to teach the basics of the Dharma. Lessons in mindfulness and compassion are related to the kids’ everyday experiences of anxiety, boredom, anger and sadness to help them become happier, calmer and more understanding.


Wesak at Rocky Mountain Insight

Please join us for RMI’s celebration of Wesak 6 May 2015 at 6 pm. Wesak (also spelled Vesak) is the commemoration of the birth, enlightenment, and parinibbāna (passing away) of Gautama Buddha and is now traditionally observed on the full moon in the modern month of May. Our founder Dr. Lucinda Green will be present to lead us and provide an opportunity to commit to our path with a formal taking of of The Triple Gem and The Five Precepts.

Per tradition, please bring flowers to decorate the Vihara and be prepared for a wonderful evening of community, food, and Dharma!

Focus on Practice:

Contemplative Practice: A letter from the RMI Dharma teachers on our focus for the second quarter of 2015: Contemplative Practices

On 11 March Pat Komarow led a contemplative practice on the Five Remembrances. Check them out here.

On 15 April Pat led A Charnal Ground Contemplation on Death – see blog post

Our Dharma Talks Are Back Online!

Available under the “Buddhism” menu above and at this direct link:


Ruth Denison Memorial

Ruth Denison is a root teacher of our Founder and Spiritual Director, Dr. Lucinda Green.

A series of videos from Ruth’s memorial service is available at

This video was made by Ann Hershey in 1995. It shows Ruth teaching and speaking about her teaching and how she came to her particular approach.

​This video from Ruth’s memorial service includes a powerful letter from Ruth which ends up being a discourse. This is followed by Dr. Lucinda Green leading the circumambulation around the open coffin.

This video includes Lucinda’s eulogy.

Here is a talk from Robert Beatty on Honoring Ruth Denison

“The Silent Dance of Life” is the first feature length documentary on Ruth Denison and her meditation center “Dhamma Dena” in the Mojave Desert of California. Now aged ninety-two Ruth is a pioneer of Buddhism in the West and a groundbreaker for women everywhere. RUTH-DENISON.COM
See the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo

“The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison” is available for download below.

Ruth’s Enduring Legacy Fund supports her continuing work. We are excited about the opportunities to continue to grow Dharma practice by continuing to offer teachings and retreats at Dhamma Dena, which was Ruth’s great wish.
Donate here


New “Metta” Art at RMI

The RMI space has been gifted with a beautifully framed piece of calligraphy in Chinese characters which represent “metta”.  In the everyday usage, it is translated as “benevolent” and in the subtle art form of the characters, the calligraphy has a deeper meaning of “the present intention of kindness”.

Barbara Resch, a calligraphy artist and Buddhist practitioner with BodhiMind Center here in Colorado Springs created this gift for Pat Komarow and she in turn had it matted, framed, and donate to RMI.

Take a look at the back wall between the air conditioner and window where the glass-cut Bodhi tree resides.  Though the “Metta” piece is small, it is a jewel and reminds us of the ever present invitation to surround all living being with unconditional love.

metta art

 New “Metta” Offering Coming to RMI’s Schedule

As you know, our first Wednesday sitting of the month is dedicated to Metta Meditation, and as a result of its profoundness and popularity many of you have asked for yet another time to practice this.  As a result RMI is happy to announce a new Four Diving Abidings Meditation, commonly called “Metta”, starting May 3, 2015.

Every first and third Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00, two of our practice leaders….Jason Goss and David Reinberger….. will guide a Four Divine Abidings Meditation which cultivates the following qualities of the heart:

  • Loving-Kindnes (Metta)
  • Compassion (Karuna)
  • Sympathetic Joy (Mudita)
  • Equanimity (Upekka)

Metta sitting flyer




After a winter of cold, join your spiritual friends in celebration of spring and a return of Dr. Lucinda Green as teacher. The beautiful grounds of The Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs through which we will enjoy walking meditation will feature blooming fruit trees and bulbs in a display of Mother Earth renewing her bounty. This is a time for all of us to renew our dedication to our practice and experience that special rejuvenation which only comes through a retreat, and the teachings and interviews with Dr. Green.

Download the registration form here.


The Book Of Ruth

We have lost our Dear Ruth, but her wise and witty words live on. Now available here for download, a pdf version of “The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison” (19MB, may take a minute to open):

The Book Of Ruth: Sayings of Ruth Denison


Ruth Denison is one of RMI Founder Lucinda Green’s root teachers. For those who are unfamiliar with Ruth’s teaching, it is probably best understood as a combination of U Ba Khin’s vipassana meditation technique, her teacher Charlotte Selver’s sensory awareness techniques, Theraveda Buddhist doctrine, and Ruth’s own studies, discoveries and innovations. In addition, through the decades, Ruth has constantly refined her teaching, routinely emphasizing one aspect or another of the technique to suit what she understands to be a student’s needs in that moment, in that place.

Collected with devotion by Jain
Edited by Lucinda “Treelight” Green, Ph.D.
Original publication: 2005, Rocky Mountain Insight
Prepared for digital distribution by Jay Babcock, Joshua Tree, 2015





Upcoming Classes

Introduction to Meditation: Mindfulness of the Breath (Anapanasati)

Patricia Komarow

4/16/15 - 4/23/15

Thursdays | 6:00pm

Cost: Donation is requested—$10-$15

Registration Deadline: 4/16/15

Registration: To pre-register, contact Pat at (If not pre-registered, please come 10 minutes early to the first class.)

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